About Africa News Monitoring

Africa News Monitoring is a unit within Africa Business Communities, powered by Clipit media monitoring. Africa News Monitoring specializes in online and social media monitoring for the African continent. We cover about 7,000 online news sources through the whole African continent, including social media channels.

About Clipit media monitoring

Clipit has been specializing in media monitoring and webcare for 14 years. While enjoying your first cup of coffee, we enable you to see what has been written regarding your company in online and social media. So in five minutes you see exactly how your brand is being mentioned across all media.
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About Africa Business Communities

Africa Business Communities is a Digital B2B Publisher that enables companies and organizations to connect with African Business Professionals. Africa Business Communities supports doing business in Africa by recruitment services, custom media productions and market research.  Africa Business Communities is the largest player on LinkedIN in Africa.
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