Africa Press List

The Africa Press List is a service powered by Africa Business Communities. Africa Business Communities has invested many years getting connected with the African media. We have built relationships with thousands of African journalists resulting in the Africa Press List. The Africa Press List is a powerful and highly effective PR tool being fully interactive with social media.


User – Clients


  • We have priced the press release sent to an journalist by way of credits. As such, we offer you a more efficient use supported by differentiated campaign lists and avoid “send all” actions.
  • You always control the number of journalists that are included in the press list and therewith control you the costs of distributing your press release.We think that a better segmented distribution list is in the interest of all parties anyway


  • Press release distribution to more than 7,000 journalists throughout Africa
  • Integrated with social media: including LinkedIn group publication, Facebook and Twitter distribution
  • Africa Business Communities holds 25 of the 50 biggest LinkedIn groups focused on Africa in which you can easily post your message Linkedin Groups
  • All press releases are published on the blog of Africa Business Communities and redistributed to other online channels


  • Use templates to draft your press releases
  • Create your own distribution lists you can re-use
  • Integrated with social media: including LinkedIn group publication,
  • Besides regions and specific countries, use more than 30 thematic categories to select journalists and media titles
  • Use different media categories to select journalists
  • Add own email addresses of journalists
  • Keep a history of your press releases sent out

Organizations using the Africa Press List for their Clients

  • Additional features
  • Client management features for parties that send out press releases on behalf their clients
  • Dashboards and overview separated per client
  • Credits per client
  • Press releases per client
  • Templates per client
  • Address lists per client


  • Easy registration with social login
  • Get the press releases you want to receive
  • Complete and control your profile information yourself
  • Users can search your profiles and contact you for commercial assignments
  • Users can contact you through a form and do not have access to your email-address
  • Block specific users/senders if you do not want to receive press releases from them
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