Online and social media monitoring

How is your company being mentioned on the internet today? On which websites and what is the tone of voice of the articles? How are your competitors performing online? Those are some of the questions you will receive answers to with online and social media monitoring. You gain quick insights into what your target audience and journalists are writing about your company.

Don’t miss out on anything that is being said about you

Monitoring starts with a search query. A search query can be:
  • Your company name
  • Your competitor
  • Your campaign/press release
  • Your CEO
When you have determined which search query you would like to monitor, our media analysts make sure that you receive only relevant results. So you don’t have to read the irrelevant results and you are absolutely sure you do not miss out on anything!

What sources does African News Monitoring cover?

We monitor your international mentions in 247 countries, 187 languages and across 150 million sources! For the African continent 45 countries and over 7.000 online news sources, including social media channels, are being monitored. Should you miss any sources in our coverage, please let us know. We can add any missing source to our system within 24 hours.

How do you get insights into your media mentions?

You will receive a news overview every morning. In this e-mail we provide you with a quick-view of what has been written about your search query the day before. Would you rather be aware of your mentions in online news sources in real-time? Take a look at the Portal, where you come across real time messaging. Additionally, it is possible to filter and analyze the data. More screenshots of the Portal can be found here.
Grafiek afrika

Which analyses are available?

Online and social media analytics include:
  • Volume of messages
  • Major sources
  • Major influencers
  • Trending topics for your search query
  • Tone of voice analysis
  • Major countries
  • Major languages

How do you use online and social media monitoring?

There are many different ways to use online media monitoring. Depending on the goal you would like to achieve, your ways of using monitoring differ. A goal is for example:
  • Webcare: monitor what customers are saying and writing about you and reply to that.
  • Reputation management: maintain your online reputation by monitoring what’s being said about you
  • Research: examine your industry, identify where your target audience or your competitors are present
  • Press release/campaign monitoring: follow which sites publish your press release/campaign.

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