News overview

Every morning at a time of your choosing, you will receive a news update from Africa News Monitoring. This news update provides you with a quick overview of what the media have said about you the previous day. An example of such an update can be found below. Online Portal screenshot As you can see, every message is tagged by a colored bar. The color of the bar indicates whether the message is rated as being extremely positive (dark green), positive (light green), neutral (yellow), negative (orange) or extremely negative (red) about your brand. Hence a quick overview of the list gives you insights into the general tone-of-voice of the messages.

Online Portal

From within the news update you can follow a link to the online Portal. This is where all the data about your brands mentions in the media are being collected in real-time. An impression of the portal can be found below. Online Portal screenshot Inside the online Portal you can set up appropriate filters for your search query, such as keywords, period of time and tone of voice. You can also include or exclude certain types of sources. With the appropriate  filters set up, the Portal gives you insights in your mediapresence over a desired period of time. Not only does the Portal display your overall media mentions, you can also choose to view different subjects. For example; what keywords are associated with your brand? In which sources is your brand mentioned most frequently?  You can choose from a number of graphs, which are shown below.   Online Portal screenshot Online Portal screenshot